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I’m Jen, a 26 year old digital marketing manager and wife, living in London. Welcome to fifty1degreesnorth, my lifestyle blog.

I’ve defined it as “lifestyle” because it’s not likely to be about one particular subject – or at least not to begin with, until I find my feet! This is a whole new world for me… I used to have a blog years back on Deadjournal (forget Livejournal, I was a sulky teenager) and I wrote about all sorts, but mostly love (I was sulky, but romantically minded teenager).

I’ve found my true love though, so rather than dating, this will be about things and places that I love – or don’t, for that matter!

So bear with me! I’m making plans for the blog as I type, and over the next week or two I will have a beauty product review for you, the first of many Lust Lists, and also the first installment of what is floating around in my head as “The Wedding Series”, with my advice on planning your wedding.

I would appreciate any comments or advice from other bloggers – get in touch below! 🙂

First post coming soon…


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