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Saving Money Tip: Recycle your clothes with H&M and get a £5 voucher

OK, so maybe this isn’t exactly a saving money tip as such, but if you were planning to shop at H&M then it is definitely an easy way cutting down the bill – plus you’re doing something great for the planet!

H&M: Long live fashion
Source: H&M

H&M have a campaign called Long Live Fashion, part of the their H&M Conscious initiative. I think it’s basically awesome.

You can hand in a bag of clothes or home textiles at any H&M Store, for which you will receive a £5 voucher towards your next purchase over £30. Simple, right?

The clothes or fabric can be in any condition – H&M use them in different ways, so it doesn’t matter. Even worn and torn clothes can be reused. Here’s what happens:

  • The clothes go to the nearest processing plant on a usual delivery run, where they are graded and hand-sorted – “Zero waste is the goal”
  • Any clothes that can be worn or used again are marketed worldwide as second-hand.
  • Any that can’t are recycled, or reused in other ways – for example as cleaning cloths, or in production of damping and insulating materials for cars.
  • If there really is no hope for your old t-shirt or trousers, then they are used for energy.

They can be any brand, of any quality, in any condition. So what are you waiting for? You can do your bit to help prevent tons of textiles ending up in landfill sites every year, when 95% can be reused – and get a £5 voucher for your troubles.

If you’ve taken part in this campaign, let me know your experiences in the comment box below.

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