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Saving Money Tip – Round up the change in your purse

Coin jar

Time for a quick, common-sense saving money tip.

How often do you find yourself with pennies in your purse or wallet? Seriously, these days everything is .99 or .98 and there’s always those pesky pennies or 2p, 5p pieces knocking about in the bottom of your purse – invariably only¬† getting used as a last resort, or falling out into your bag, never to be seen again.

So here’s a quick saving tip for you:

Every time you find yourself with coins of less than 10p in your purse, put them in your savings jar.

Do this at least once a week, preferably every other day, and you won’t even notice they’re gone. Before long, the pennies will turn into pounds.

As a certain big supermarket chain likes to say, every little helps!

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