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On Autumn

There seems to be something about the changeover in season that has sent the blogging world into a bit of a frenzy: to be back wearing snuggly clothes, relaxing indoors with a hot drink. I’m a ‘cold’ person, basically cold most of the year, so I’ve already had my cardigans and chunky knits out for a couple of months (technically they never went away!); and we’re not made of money – relaxing indoors isn’t anything new! So to me, this is all a bit of an anti-climax.

Autumn leaves

I was born in June, so I’m a summer baby, and I start to struggle when the dark mornings come along. When the days are shorter. When everyone on the train is sniffling and coughing. When it just seems to rain with no warning – that kind of rain that seems to come at you from every direction. When every single beauty blogger recommends a berry lip, even though only about 10% of them can pull it off. When there’s no more bank holidays to look forward to until December – who the hell planned that one??

cat in window

But there ARE things I love about Autumn.

The dark colours: I’m a bit of a grunger at heart and all the deep reds, blacks and purples feel like home to me. (Mustard isn’t so bad either I guess!)

I love the run up to Christmas, even if it invariably starts in October.

I love an excuse to buy new slippers (which I did today in fact – I highly recommend the Isotoner booties range available from TKMAXX. They’re only £12.99 and seriously comfortable).

I love fireworks.

I’ll take any excuse to buy a spicy scented candle – something with cloves is always a winner.

I love when my local starts lighting the log fire (even if it is a Wetherspoons).

I like the misty mornings and the way the low sun lights up the colours in the trees.

misty morning

No, Autumn isn’t my favourite season; I’m just not wired right for it. But there’s always things to look forward to, no matter what time of year.

(Plus at least I’ve got my Lumie lamp to get me through!)

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