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So here we are at the start of another year! We saw it in with friends at their house party – a nice change from being the hosts!


2015 was a good one.


Friends and family got married and others had babies.

We celebrated 10 years together (and two years of marriage) with a day out in London, dinner at Jamie’s Fifteen and a night in a spa hotel; and a weekend in Hastings.

We celebrated 4 years of living in our lovely flat.

We visited new countries.

I upped the culture and went to museums, galleries and the theatre quite a few times – and I even went to the theatre alone to see the Oresteia (I AM OFFICIALLY AN ADULT)

We went to our first rugby match – Ireland vs. Wales at the Millennium Stadium

I saw my favourite band, Lifehouse, again!

I went to my first blogger event.

…Among other things.


But 2016 is set to be even bigger.


We just saw the Book of Mormon which is quite possibly the most hilarious musical I’ve ever seen.

Work life is taking a turn for the better, with more opportunity on the horizon.

In just the first 6 months of the year I’m already taking 4 trips – to see the uni girls in Leeds in early February; seeing my sister in Madrid in mid February; Venice with my bestie in April; and Berlin with Martin in June for our birthdays (his Christmas present to me!)

We’ll have had our cats for 5 years in February.

Two more weddings and two more babies are on their way – two uni friends are getting married, and our friends and brother-in-law are having babies!

Assuming everything works out *touches wood* we may not see our fifth anniversary in this flat. Fingers crossed that by then, we will be the proud owners of a house. I dream of stairs and gardens daily.


And finally…

Towards the end of the year we’ll also start trying for a baby of our own! <3


Here’s to a great year.


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