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The Fifth Watches: Aki // Rose Gold and Navy Blue – Tokyo range review*

You may or may not have seen my previous reviews on The Fifth Watches (or ‘The 5th’), but just in case you don’t know, I’m a massive fan. I bought my first watch, the Melbourne Rose Gold and Peach watch from the Minimal range back in 2014, just after they first launched.

The Broadway (Black & Gold) from the New York range followed in 2015.

So, when the lovely guys there got in touch and offered to send me a watch from the Tokyo range, I couldn’t say no!

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Relaxed
As with all of the watch collections, there are 5 to choose from, this time representing the seasons (I know there are only 4 seasons, you bright sparks – The 5th have included a ‘rainy’ season as well).

I chose the ‘Aki’, or Autumn.*

Fifth Watches Review - Aki

I’ve had my eye on the Aki for a while. It expertly represents autumn, a season of mixture and change: a dark navy leather strap, with a sandblasted rose gold watch casing and buckle. The face is white, as are the number indicators (including the ubiquitous ‘V’ for 5) and the minute and hour hands, while the minute hand is dark blue.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Close Up

This may seem like it would make the time hard to read, but it doesn’t; the details catch the light with every movement.Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Close Up

The leather strap is awesome quality as always, thick yet supple.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Buckle

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Mirror

I still love these little touches.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Buckle

The packaging, by the way, is just as beautiful as the watch!

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Packaging

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Box

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Box Open

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Strap

I’m not sure you’d call it a motto as such but The 5th live by the phrase, “Time is what we make it”. I couldn’t agree more.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Motto

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Motto

The watches go on sale every month on the 5th for a limited time. Styles sell out really quickly, so if there’s one you like the look of, I recommend signing up to become a ‘VIP’ and receive early access as well as being able to preload your cart.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki


The 5th have kindly given me a voucher or coupon code for you to use if you decide to buy – until 11 May 2017 get 10% off with the code:



Let me know if you own a 5th Watch – or which you’re going to buy! – in the comments below.



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KMS California – Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Review

I’ll be honest, I was a bit sceptical when my hairdresser (the wonderful Harley at Hectik Hair in Bromley) started telling me about KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry. She’d just liberally sprayed it all over my hair before a blow dry and apparently, it was going to help my hair dry more quickly.

Erm, what? Like how?

That was my initial mental reaction. But she continued to sing its praises as she blow dried and it really did feel quicker than usual – that, plus the fact that I was feeling a bit flush, meant I took the plunge. I still have no idea how it works, but it does.

KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

The description says that Quick Blow Dry: “Speeds up drying time up to 50%. Reduces friction while conditioning lightly. Provides heat protection.”

I can honestly say that it does speed up drying time significantly. I can’t tell you if it’s by 50% but it’s quite a lot, that’s for sure. I’ve accidentally found myself using this almost every day – because why wouldn’t you want to shave off a few extra precious minutes in the morning?!

It’s really easy to use – you shake to combine the two liquids and then spray all over your towel-dried hair and blow dry as normal.

My hair is usually pretty soft but there’s a noticeable extra sheen when I use this which I love. The formula is super lightweight – so much so that you can’t even feel that you’ve sprayed it. For comparison, I also have an Aussie leave-in conditioner which is meant to be lightweight but you can tell it’s there whereas with this, there’s been a couple of occasions in my pre-coffee haze where I’ve actually forgotten that I’ve sprayed it already until I’ve seen the liquid is cloudy from already being mixed…!

I rarely style my hair with anything other than a hairdryer so I don’t really know whether this provides adequate heat protection, though I should point out that it was all my hairdresser used – and I trust she knows what she’s doing!

I’ve had the first bottle for at almost 3 months and it’s not quite finished yet, but I’ve actually already repurchased – my salon often has 2-for-1 deals so we took advantage when my husband needed some his hair wax. You can definitely get it cheaper online though, from sites such as

If you’ve ever tried this product, or can recommend something similar, let me know in the comments below.

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Lust List: George Home – Spring / Summer Collection

It’s been a while since I did one of these Lust Lists – something I meant to become a regular thing…


George Home at ASDA recently sent me a newsletter and within 30 seconds, I realised I basically want. it. all. Disastrous when you’re meant to be watching your spending…! We have a lot of improvement work to do to our flat this year so really, I shouldn’t be buying more cushions. Or duvet covers. Or light fittings. But…. it’s all improvement, right? It’ll make it look pretty, so that makes it okay, RIGHT?!

I hope so. Take a look at my favourites, below.

George Home at ASDA Lust List – March 2015:

George Home Purple Glass Pot Lamp
George Home Purple Glass Pot Lamp – £15
George Home Wire Basket
George Home Wire Basket – £7
George Home Hello Sailor Cushion
George Home Hello Sailor Cushion – £5
George Home Good Morning Sunshine Rise and Shine Mugs
George Home “Good Morning Sunshine” & “Rise and Shine” Mugs, Set of 4 – £5
George Home Watercolour Floral Duvet Cover
George Home Watercolour Duvet Cover – £15 (double)
George Home Smoked Glass Ball Pendant
George Home Smoked Glass Ball Pendant – £20
George Home Indigo Ombre Cushion
George Home Indigo Ombre Cushion – £7
George Home White Pendant Lantern
George Home Square White Metal Pendant Light Shade – £20
George Home Vintage Mirror
George Home Vintage Cream Mirror – £12
George Home NYC Map Duvet Set
George Home NYC Map Duvet Set – £15 (double)
George Home Octopus Cushion
George Home Octopus Cushion – £7


Is there anything here that takes your fancy? Seen something I’ve missed?

Let me know in the Comments section below.

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Last minute alternative Valentine’s Day gifts

Happy Valentine's Day
Image credit: Codecards on Etsy

What’s a blog without a mention of Valentine’s Day…?

Have you forgotten to get your special someone a gift? Strapped for cash? 0r perhaps you’re just not a fan of the commercial craziness that comes around every 14th February and want to do something more meaningful than just a teddy from Clinton’s…? Either way, here are some ideas for alternative gifts – all of which can be arranged at the last minute.

1. Cook a special meal

If you’re anything like me (a total cooking novice with a chef for a husband) actually cooking any meal is a special event in itself! But seriously. If you’ve already got food in, this need not cost a fortune. Check out some of the great food blogs knocking around including A Girl Called Jack and The Skint Foodie for recipes on a budget. If it’s the actual cooking you’re worried about, all of the supermarkets do meal deals for any budget: for example, Tesco Finest‘s is £10 for 3 courses plus wine; or for a less fancy option, they have curry, pizza and oriental options for £6 (two sides and two mains). If you want to push the boat out a little, M&S‘s special Valentine’s Menu is £20 for a 3 course meal plus wine and chocolates.

2. Love cheques

You can find examples of these all over the place, for example at MSE or on the Tatertots and Jello blog, or you can just make your own! basically a set of IOUs for anything you like, romantic or other-wise.

3. Donate to charity on their behalf

Do they have a charity close to their heart? perhaps one that has helped them or someone they love? Not only are you helping others by sharing the love, but it will show how much you listen…

4. Married? Print and frame your wedding vows

This will earn some serious brownie points and can be done quite simply and quickly. Lots of companies can provide a design, print and frame service (you’ll find lots on Etsy or but why not do it yourself using Word, or Photoshop (if you have access)? You could probably repurpose a frame you already have.

5. Start a new habit

Sorry for being soppy! But sometimes in relationships you can take love for granted. My husband and I take the time to tell each other every day, sometimes a few times a day, how much we love each other. If you’ve got out of the habit, maybe it’s time to start?


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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