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The Fifth Watches: Aki // Rose Gold and Navy Blue – Tokyo range review*

You may or may not have seen my previous reviews on The Fifth Watches (or ‘The 5th’), but just in case you don’t know, I’m a massive fan. I bought my first watch, the Melbourne Rose Gold and Peach watch from the Minimal range back in 2014, just after they first launched.

The Broadway (Black & Gold) from the New York range followed in 2015.

So, when the lovely guys there got in touch and offered to send me a watch from the Tokyo range, I couldn’t say no!

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Relaxed
As with all of the watch collections, there are 5 to choose from, this time representing the seasons (I know there are only 4 seasons, you bright sparks – The 5th have included a ‘rainy’ season as well).

I chose the ‘Aki’, or Autumn.*

Fifth Watches Review - Aki

I’ve had my eye on the Aki for a while. It expertly represents autumn, a season of mixture and change: a dark navy leather strap, with a sandblasted rose gold watch casing and buckle. The face is white, as are the number indicators (including the ubiquitous ‘V’ for 5) and the minute and hour hands, while the minute hand is dark blue.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Close Up

This may seem like it would make the time hard to read, but it doesn’t; the details catch the light with every movement.Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Close Up

The leather strap is awesome quality as always, thick yet supple.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Buckle

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Mirror

I still love these little touches.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Buckle

The packaging, by the way, is just as beautiful as the watch!

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Packaging

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Box

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Box Open

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Strap

I’m not sure you’d call it a motto as such but The 5th live by the phrase, “Time is what we make it”. I couldn’t agree more.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Motto

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Motto

The watches go on sale every month on the 5th for a limited time. Styles sell out really quickly, so if there’s one you like the look of, I recommend signing up to become a ‘VIP’ and receive early access as well as being able to preload your cart.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki


The 5th have kindly given me a voucher or coupon code for you to use if you decide to buy – until 11 May 2017 get 10% off with the code:



Let me know if you own a 5th Watch – or which you’re going to buy! – in the comments below.



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Kitchen Upgrade – The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri*

You may or may not know that hubby & I bought a flat in 2011. It’s a lovely little place – one bedroom, right by our local high street, a miniscule amount of outside space. We decorated when we moved in, and over time have slowly been upgrading our furniture and fittings as we’ve gone along. One area we’ve not shown a massive amount of love until fairly recently was our kitchen – relatively ironic, considering my husband is a chef! For some reason it always ended up further down the list, until we decided last year to try to get our act together.

We started by deciding to paint our severely 80’s “pine” laminate cabinets to bring them a bit more up to date, and got a new light fixture for the seating area to match the new door handles. I’ll do another post in more detail on these updates soon once we’ve finished Phase 2 in a few months – also known as “getting rid of that awful plastic sink”!

Here’s the list of things still left to do:

  • Paint the cabinets
  • Replace the cabinet handles
  • Update lampshade
  • Replace the sink & taps
  • Either replace or trim the worktop to enable us to…
  • …Replace the cooker (which was left by the previous owners and is an awful, old, slimline cooker)
  • New tiles? (still deciding on this one)
  • Replace the blind
  • Replace the net curtains
  • Upgrade all of our cooking equipment

On the last point, we’ve picked up bits and bobs over the years but are still using the stainless steel pan set we bought when we first moved in to a rented flat in 2010. Don’t get me wrong; they’ve lasted well and no doubt would for years to come, but we dream of good quality pans! Non-stick coatings! Ah, how life changes as you get old, eh?

So, when Moderna Housewares offered to send me the Ozeri Stone Earth Pan* to try, it was almost like fate! We’ve been using it for a month or so now, so can give our honest opinion.

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 1

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 2

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 5

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 8

This pan is FAB. It’s that simple! The pan we have is 26cm (10in) which is a more than adequate size for our 2 person household, though considering the depth of the pan (about 5 cm!) it can accommodate a lot more besides – making it great for big curries, bolognese and so on as it can hold a great amount of food and sauce! It’s made using Stonehenge┬«, an “ultra-safe, 100% PFOA-free non-stick stone coating from Germany”. You may not realise but most household cooking equipment with non-stick coatings contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid); while the effects of low doses on humans is still disputed, studies have shown links to high cholesterol, and high doses have lead to cancer among other things in animal testing. I never had a clue this was the case, so I’m glad this trial opened my eyes and definitely something I will think about going forward.

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 4

The non-stick coating really is impressive. Compared to our stainless steel pans, where it is a constant battle, this is like a dream. The inner is made from heavy-gauge die-cast aluminium and the base is magnetised (so those who use induction hobs are safe), allowing the heat to be distributed evenly and quickly. As promised in the description, I’ve not noticed any “hot spots” which is often the case with our stainless steel pans on our electric hob. We’ve definitely noticed that food cooks more quickly and as it’s so balanced across the pan it’s much less stressful to use (particularly for a novice cook like me!)

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 3

The heat-resistant silicon handle is an added bonus, as my husband often moves food straight from the hob into the oven. Maybe the only downside to the pan is that it can’t go in the dishwasher. First world problems or what?! As it happens, cleaning it by hand is really easy – I guess another nod to the non-stick coating.

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 6

There was an extra in the box that I wasn’t expecting and haven’t seen before – a thick felt pan protector. Even though the durable coating means it is less likely to scratch than other pans anyway, this is still a genius addition and another hint at the quality of the pan that the manufacturers have thought about this sort of thing!

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri 7

We would highly recommend the Stone Earth Pan* by Ozeri and look forward to expanding our set to some of the other products in their range at some point in the future! Check them out here on Amazon.

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