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Happy New Year

Our Year


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

Christmas and New Year were spent as they always are, among family and friends: with Martin’s family on Christmas morning; my family in the afternoon; and with friends on New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Tree

This year though has been somewhat different to usual. Having fallen in love with a house in early December, we put our flat on the market in the week before Christmas – it’s brought stress, excitement, tension and impatience.

Lots of back and forth with our estate agent and that of the sellers, with good progress on one and not much on the other..

Martin loves that the flat is the tidiest it’s been in years, being the neat freak that he is, as we have to keep it that way for viewings..

Christmas ended slightly early as we took our tree down on the 28th because we wanted the space back so it looks bigger when people come round..


It’s just felt slightly less like Christmas this year, I guess. It’s obviously a sacrifice we’re happy to make if we can manage to secure our dream house – we’ve gone into the new year knowing what we want, and are working hard to get it. I don’t know what more you could ask for from a start to the new year.

Christmas Wishes

As for new year’s resolutions, I don’t think I’ll bother this year. There are things I want to do, as always: go to the gym, look after myself more, save money, be more mindful, etc. I suppose some of those things will happen as a natural progression over the next 12 months, and others I’ll need to do in order for us to continue progressing – or at least to keep me sane!

So, we’re set up for a big year ahead.

Here’s to 2017 – to ‘Our’ year.

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#tbt: Afternoon Tea at Harrods

Back in December I took my Mum to Harrods for afternoon tea with a voucher from Buyagift. Yes, it was her Mother’s Day present. Yes, I know we ended up going nearly 11 months late. And yes I know it’s now May (oops). Let’s just gloss past that, shall we? As Mum had never been to Harrods it seemed almost criminal not to have a wander round as well, so we arrived early, meeting under the massive Harrods sign on the corner.
 Afternoon Tea - Harrods Sign
As it was just before Christmas, Harrods was bedecked in beautiful Christmas lights and the whole store had that Christmas buzz. It was fairly chilly so we quickly ducked inside and slowly meandered the different rooms, looking at lots of things we couldn’t afford and all the beautiful food! A girl can dream…
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Food Hall
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Chocolate
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Tea Canisters
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Christmas swags
Somehow we managed to find the sale section, woohoo! Finally, things I can actually BUY. I bought all sorts of Harrods merchandise.. an oilcloth bag, in their Circus print; an apron for my sister in Rooster print; oven gloves in the Crowning Cats print for a friend; a bib for my cousin’s baby again in Circus; a cosmetics case in the Pet Shop print… to be honest I could have bought half of the sale section (especially the handbags – leather bags for less than £25!) but somehow I eventually managed to put my purse away.
When it came to be afternoon tea time, the voucher said the “Terrace Restaurant”, which we quickly established isn’t that easy to find, being actually called something completely different on most of the signs! We ended up at the Georgian Restaurant, where a helpful lady told us we needed to go around it, as the Terrace restaurant was round the back of the Georgian. We didn’t realise just how close it actually was – the two are only separated by a grille of sorts – but the walk around is a bit of a schlep through Fashion. Not ideal if you’re in a hurry!
The Terrace may not be as fancy as its recently refurbished Georgian neighbour but the decor was cleaner and simpler. The white leather chairs added an elegant feel and thanks to the lovely Christmas tree in the middle, we felt suitably festive. The staff were all politeness and nothing was too much trouble.
 Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Terrace Restaurant
 You’re able to choose your tea from a short menu; I plumped for Assam while my mum went for Darjeeling. I’m not a big tea drinker (read: coffee addict) but I do know what teas I like; usually Earl Grey, Assam, Chai. The Assam was delicious, as you might expect. Malty without being too heavy.
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Menu
So, onto the good stuff. Look at all the good stuff.
Cakes and sandwiches
There was a selection of finger sandwiches, and I really enjoyed the Cucumber and Cream Cheese and the Smoked Salmon. Any part of the Tea can be topped up so Mum and I went for seconds!
Next came the scones. They were lovely and warm, a mixture of plain or fruit, served with clotted cream and Harrods strawberry jam. Utterly delicious and probably my favourite part!
Finally, the patisserie. By far the most visually attractive cakes I’ve ever eaten! Sadly, not all were my bag, but that’s not to say someone with more of a sweet tooth wouldn’t love them. The very helpful waiter told us which order to eat them in – lightest first, which was definitely a good idea… a couple were seriously rich and if I’d eaten them first I’d never have made it through!
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Cake 2
After some more tea we had another wander, finding a completely empty back staircase, covered in gorgeous floral wallpaper – it felt like being in someone’s house!
We got a bit lost but eventually ended up outside, and joined the crowds looking at the now-lit Christmas window displays on Brompton Road. The theme this year was The Land of Make Believe and the displays were hauntingly beautiful.
Christmas window at Harrods - Ballerina
Christmas window at Harrods - Teddy
Christmas window at Harrods - Girl
Before heading home, we even managed to find Paddington Bear.
Afternoon Tea at Harrods - Paddington Bear
Harrods Terrace - Harrods Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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