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Happy New Year

Our Year


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

Christmas and New Year were spent as they always are, among family and friends: with Martin’s family on Christmas morning; my family in the afternoon; and with friends on New Year’s Eve.

Christmas Tree

This year though has been somewhat different to usual. Having fallen in love with a house in early December, we put our flat on the market in the week before Christmas – it’s brought stress, excitement, tension and impatience.

Lots of back and forth with our estate agent and that of the sellers, with good progress on one and not much on the other..

Martin loves that the flat is the tidiest it’s been in years, being the neat freak that he is, as we have to keep it that way for viewings..

Christmas ended slightly early as we took our tree down on the 28th because we wanted the space back so it looks bigger when people come round..


It’s just felt slightly¬†less like Christmas this year, I guess. It’s obviously a sacrifice we’re happy to make if we can manage to secure our dream house – we’ve gone into the new year knowing what we want, and are working hard to get it. I don’t know what more¬†you could ask for from a start to the new year.

Christmas Wishes

As for new year’s resolutions, I don’t think I’ll bother this year. There are things I want to do, as always: go to the gym, look after myself more, save money, be more mindful, etc. I suppose some of those things will happen as a natural progression over the next 12 months, and others I’ll need to do in order for us to continue progressing – or at least to keep me sane!

So, we’re set up for a big year ahead.

Here’s to 2017 – to ‘Our’ year.

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