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Making Time

In my Medium Daily Digest the other week was a post by Heather Sundell, a writer from LA. I don’t know if you use Medium, but if you do, the Daily Digest is a great way of discovering new content, and this article really resonated with me.

Her article, If You Keep Trying to Find Time to Do Something, You’ll Be Looking Forever, talks about how people always say they can’t find time to contribute towards their passions or things they want to do, but really it’s just an excuse for procrastination or lack of effective prioritisation. Reading this, I realised this is me down to a T, particularly when I consider this blog. I often think I don’t have time to write for it, but I also don’t make time.

Jones Clock

Heather says:

Even after you’ve budgeted your time out and only have an hour to give to your passion, whatever that is, that hour will get you a lot farther than an excuse.

This couldn’t be more true. I spend my lunchtimes at work reading blogs, and daydreaming about posts I could write. I make notes of potential blog topics or titles in my Evernote or OneNote. But do I ever actually use that hour to write those posts? Of course not. But then I beat myself up for only having written one post in the last month. I’m never going to be happy with it if I continue in this way.

On a similar note, when I was younger, I used to write poetry and short stories, and I’ve thought about it often. I’d like to try again. So, the other day, I turned the TV down, and just started writing. I’m not sure what it is yet, I doubt it’s very good and that anyone will ever read it, but never mind. It was so freeing.

I really need to make a concerted effort to be more accountable for how I choose to spend my spare time.

Would you say you use your time effectively?

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Favourite Apps: Pocket

Something I’ve been working on lately is trying to stop procrastinating so much – not just at home, but at work too. In and out of work, there’s always so many interesting things going on that it’s easy to become distracted reading articles, news, opinion pieces, infographics… I could go on. It’s always good to expand your knowledge, but sometimes it can stop you being productive. I’m always on the look out for hints, tips and tools to help me, and one of my current favourite tools is the bookmarking service, Pocket.Pocket logo


Pocket was founded in 2007 (under the name Read It Later) in San Francisco with a view to helping people save articles, images, videos and so on to read later. There’s so many ways to use it – it’s available as an app or extension on iOS, Android, Desktop, Windows Phone, Blackberry among other devices and there are over 500 apps that have already integrated it.

The way I use it most is as an extension in Firefox on my desktop at work, which you can install from the website at You get this icon in the far right of your address bar:

Pocket button

When you’ve found something you like the look of, you just click the little arrow button and Pocket saves the page you are on so you can access it later from wherever you are.

When you do get round to wanting to read something, there’s also this button on the far right…

Pocket button

…which you can press to quickly see your list of articles, or you can change the settings so it automatically opens the next unread article.

I also use both the iPhone and Android apps quite a bit – the iPhone for when I’m out and about and the Android on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 when I’m at home. A great added bonus is that you can even set it up to read everything offline! This is just so helpful if you’re heading somewhere without reliable internet access, or don’t want to use any data.

Pocket has also recently added ‘Highlights’ to the things you save – letting you know if it’s a Long Read, Quick Read, Trending or Best Of. The first two are self-explanatory; Trending is when it’s one of the most popular items being saved and shared throughout Pocket; and Best Of are the most “impactful” items in your list. Highlights are really useful to drill down what you should prioritise to read and when – if you’ve a long commute, a Long Read is perfect; but if you’ve just a couple of minutes before a meeting, a Quick Read is obviously what you want! It’ll come in particularly useful once you start saving a lot to your Pocket – though you can also use tags or Favourites if you’d prefer to create your own.

I mentioned sharing – you can share or open an item from Pocket to multiple other apps or platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Evernote, Mail, Safari, Evernote, LinkedIn, WordPress … the list goes on. If you want to be ÜBER productive you could even use If This Then That (IFTTT) and set up triggers to automatically do the sharing or saving for you.

Here are some things I’ve saved this year:


Have you used Pocket before? What have you been saving recently?

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