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The Fifth Watches: Aki // Rose Gold and Navy Blue – Tokyo range review*

You may or may not have seen my previous reviews on The Fifth Watches (or ‘The 5th’), but just in case you don’t know, I’m a massive fan. I bought my first watch, the Melbourne Rose Gold and Peach watch from the Minimal range back in 2014, just after they first launched.

The Broadway (Black & Gold) from the New York range followed in 2015.

So, when the lovely guys there got in touch and offered to send me a watch from the Tokyo range, I couldn’t say no!

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Relaxed
As with all of the watch collections, there are 5 to choose from, this time representing the seasons (I know there are only 4 seasons, you bright sparks – The 5th have included a ‘rainy’ season as well).

I chose the ‘Aki’, or Autumn.*

Fifth Watches Review - Aki

I’ve had my eye on the Aki for a while. It expertly represents autumn, a season of mixture and change: a dark navy leather strap, with a sandblasted rose gold watch casing and buckle. The face is white, as are the number indicators (including the ubiquitous ‘V’ for 5) and the minute and hour hands, while the minute hand is dark blue.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Close Up

This may seem like it would make the time hard to read, but it doesn’t; the details catch the light with every movement.Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Close Up

The leather strap is awesome quality as always, thick yet supple.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Buckle

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Mirror

I still love these little touches.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Buckle

The packaging, by the way, is just as beautiful as the watch!

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Packaging

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Box

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Box Open

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Strap

I’m not sure you’d call it a motto as such but The 5th live by the phrase, “Time is what we make it”. I couldn’t agree more.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Motto

Fifth Watches Review - Aki - Motto

The watches go on sale every month on the 5th for a limited time. Styles sell out really quickly, so if there’s one you like the look of, I recommend signing up to become a ‘VIP’ and receive early access as well as being able to preload your cart.

Fifth Watches Review - Aki


The 5th have kindly given me a voucher or coupon code for you to use if you decide to buy – until 11 May 2017 get 10% off with the code:



Let me know if you own a 5th Watch – or which you’re going to buy! – in the comments below.



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The Fifth Watches: Broadway // Black & Gold from the New York Classic Collection

Get 10% off! See the bottom of the post for my exclusive code!

You may have seen a while back I blogged about a new watch, the Rose Gold and Peach Watch from The Fifth Watches. Since getting it I’ve definitely become a watch convert – while I don’t wear it as an every day thing, it’s so beautiful that it adds an extra dimension to any outfit, and I still love putting it on.

I’d been keeping an eye on the company, and trying to decide when to get another, when out of the blue they announced a new additional collection in the September release: ‘New York Classic’. The first collection is now re-branded ‘Melbourne Minimal’ and the two are quite different. Where the ‘Minimal’ watches are thick dials with wide, modern straps, the ‘Classic’ are what it says on the tin: a much more traditional stitched strap style, and this time a thin dial. The signature look of the dial from the original collection remains, including the ‘V’ over the fifth hour. Also, you actually get two strap options provided with each watch, so it’s almost like you get two in one!

A great thing about these watches is that they’re unisex because the styles are so classic. My husband loved the design of the Rose Gold and Peach, just not the colour! So when I showed him the new collection we decided to get one between us, and agreed on “Broadway”, otherwise known as Black & Gold. It arrived last week…

First of all, the packaging is seriously stylish. Getting this in the post feels pretty special.

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Box

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway

The Broadway comes with one black suede strap one black leather strap. The suede strap softens the design and adds a more informal edge, while the leather keeps it classic.

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Straps

Oh, and when I said the dial is flat, I really meant it…

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Flat Dial

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Wrist Flat

Talking of the dial, just take a look at it. The gold detailing catches the light at every turn.

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Close Dial

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Wrist

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Arm

The little details from the Minimal collection that I loved so much are still there, like the branding on the clasp.

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Detail

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Arm 2

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - Wrist Dial

I’ve already worn it on a night out and it went perfectly with my leather jacket and boots.

The Fifth Watches - Black & Gold - Broadway - night-out

Not sure whether Martin will ever get to actually wear it at this rate…! Excuse me while I hide it…

The Fifth Watches collections will next be available to purchase as always for a limited time on October 5th (and the 5th of every month thereafter.) Top tip – Sign up on as a VIP Member to get early access, special offers, exclusive competitions and of course, notifications on the sale going live. This month there was a voucher to get $15 off, so definitely worth it!

Which will you buy?


Get 10% off until 11 May 2017 with the code:



You can view my post about The Fifth Watches Rose Gold and Peach watch – Minimal Collection here.

You can view my post about The Fifth Watches – Aki – Rose Gold and Navy Blue watch – Tokyo collection here.




The Fifth Watches: Rose Gold and Peach Watch

Get 10% off! See the bottom of the post for my exclusive code!

I honestly can’t remember how, but one day in November, I stumbled across The Fifth Watches on Instagram. They seduced me with images of gorgeous, large dial watches, telling me they’d be on sale soon.

I’ve been looking for a large dial watch for ages. Olivia Burton was going to be my brand of choice – but I decided to wait a few months before treating myself, and boy am I glad I did!

The Fifth Watches - In Box

The Fifth Watches has an interesting way of doing things, something they call The Fifth View. They have five watch styles on sale at one time, every month from the 5th for 5 days. I ordered in the December release and my new watch arrived last week. It had to come all the way from Australia…

The Fifth Watches - Peach and Gold

The strap is all leather, and the watches are water resistant up to 50m. It’s reassuringly heavy too – light enough to wear all day, but substantial enough so you know it won’t fall apart in five minutes! They come with a 2 year warranty in any case.

The Fifth Watches - Wearing

It’s really impressive when you take a look at the small details.

The Fifth Watches - Strap Detail

I honestly could have chosen any of the styles – they’re just all so classic! – but I went for Rose Gold and Peach. It’s a beauty.

The Fifth Watches - Dial

Don’t you think?


Get 10% off until 11 May 2017 with the code:



Update – I recently bought the ‘Broadway’ Watch (Black and Gold) from the Classic Collection. Take a look!

You can also see my post about the Fifth Watches Aki – Rose Gold & Navy Blue from the Tokyo collection here!



Charmed Ivy: Beautiful yet surprisingly cheap jewellery and accessories

Surely every self-respecting cat lover needs a cat watch in their life?

I saw this little cutie and knew my best friend, Katy, would love it – plus her birthday was coming up! What better excuse. Her birthday has now been and gone which means I can finally share the little gem of a website that this hails from with you. I stumbled across a little website called Charmed Ivy while perusing Instagram a little while ago and instantly fell in love with their range.

Charmed Ivy Cat Watch 4Cat Watch, £5

Their strap-line is “affordable on-trend jewellery” and it really is all of those things. The prices are quite simply brilliant for the quality. I ordered three necklaces along with the watch (one for you, three for me… oops.) All are made from a beautiful natural stone and yet none were more than £5!

Charmed Ivy Necklaces Close


Charmed Ivy Little Miss Sunshine NecklaceLittle Miss Sunshine, £4

Charmed Ivy Horn NecklaceLarge Horn Necklace in Grey, £4.50

Charmed Ivy Quartz NecklaceQuartz Stone Necklace, £5

Back to the cat watch. It really is the cutest. It comes with either a black, brown, white plastic or gold metal strap. It’s out of stock as I write this but it may come back soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Charmed Ivy Cat Watch 1

Charmed Ivy Cat Watch 2

The items came with the cutest note!

Charmed Ivy Note

There’s also some really cool on-trend pieces which I’m eyeing up at the moment. If you’re going to a festival you can’t really go wrong with one of their 70’s-inspired head chains; there’s some amazing tribal necklaces and earrings which would look great teamed with a maxi dress for the summer; plus for all you Twilight fans, there’s a copy of Bella Swan’s Moonstone ring that she wears throughout the series.

Also, did I mention there’s free delivery for all UK orders over £5?!


What’s not to love about Charmed Ivy? Take a look for yourself:

Do you have a favourite from Charmed Ivy? Let me know in the comments below.

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